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My Radio Tour in Manitoba

Well first thing I noticed before my plane landed was there was a lot of water on the ground in Manitoba…. I want to take a moment and let the fine folks of Manitoba know that my Prayers are with all of you …. And I hope the waters reside soon.
The first stop of the tour was Dauphin MB at the great station of CKDM fm with MD Bruce Leperre. Well I had an absolute blast with Bruce, live on air interview with performance was so much fun…. Thank you so much Bruce for the support and adding the new single.. “Can’t go wrong”! Thanksman!!!
From there we stopped over at the Dauphin music festival head quarters and said hi to the fine folks there… what a great little town.
From there we headed out to Winkler and stopped along the way at every little town that had some silly monument that we could take a picture by. When we arrived CKMW FM in Winkler… they rolled the red carpet out for us…. So welcoming even had my name displayed on a flat screen TV that wasin the entrance way!!! I will never forget my first time in Winkler Steve Mullin and Chuck Vandaele …. You guys made it unforgettable!!! Thank you forall the support!!!!
From there we headed to the big city of Winnipeg to QX104 fm where Mike Ulhrich made some time to see us… so nice meeting you Mike.
Well we seen all we could see in Winnipeg and now we are off for a couple weeks… and will be heading out for the rest of the West tour!!!
Thanks to all … for giving me the time and I look forward to seeing all of you soon.

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